The Firm offers the following services which are not merely legal in nature:

Legal Services

Representation services on the following cases:

Cases involving family and domestic relations, which include annulment, adoption, support and estate settlement among others
Labor-related cases
Criminal and civil cases
Cases involving real property conveyance and documentation. These cases include land registration, consolidation of title, sales/transfer documentation and cancellation of encumbrance among others.
Intellectual property-related cases, which may involve registration, enforcement, litigation and renewal. 
Notarial services
Business solutions to start-up enterprises, which  include business planning/entity set-up options, contract review /drafting as well as general corporate retainer services and registration compliance.
Retainer Services as well as other Tax allied services.

Non-Legal Services

General HR consultancy and other allied services, which include payroll, accounting, tax handling and bookkeeping. 

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